Introduction to Chung Cheng University

The first public University founded after Taiwan’s economic boom in the 1980s, National Chung Cheng University broke ground after the Executive Yuan passed the plan to build the university in 1986 in honor of the late president CHIANG Chiang Kai-Shek and to develop higher education in the Yun-lin, Chia-yi, and Tainan areas. It was officially founded on July 1, 1989 with Dr.Lin Ching-Jiang being the first president of the University. During the early stage of the University, five colleges were set up: the College of Humanities, the College of Sciences, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Engineering, and the College of Management.

Conference Venue : Auditorium


Opening and Session Rooms
Auditorium (for opening), Capacity 2500 persons
Conference Room, B1 International Conference Hall, Capacity 250 persons
International Conference Hall (for Poster session)

Address: 嘉義縣民雄鄉大學路一段168號

Accommodation Hotels

The Suggested Accommodation near ICS2016

Hotel List

1. 耐斯王子大飯店(Nice Prince Hotel)


Address: 台灣60080嘉義市忠孝路600號
Tel: +886-5-2771999

Suggested room and rate: NTD 5,100~6,500 /Day
Room Types & Rates (NTD)
高級客房一大床( Room-Single) NT$ 5,100 /Day
高級雙人客房一大床( Room-Twin) NT$ 5,100 /Day
精緻單人客房一大床(Superior Room-1King size Bed) NT$ 6,500 /Day
精緻雙人客房兩小床(Superior Room-1King size Bed) NT$ 6,500 /Day

FAX: +886-5-2732999

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2. 皇品國際酒店(Royal Chiayi Hotel)

03_Howard Prince-103_Howard Prince-2

Address: 嘉義市自由路468號
Tel: +886-5-234-1777

Suggested room and rate: NTD 3,000~3,500 /Day
Room Types & Rates (NTD)
豪華客房(Superior Twin)NT$ 3,000 /Day
皇家客房 (Premier Twin) NT$ 3,200 /Day
皇爵客房 (Deluxe Twin) NT$ 3,500 /Day

FAX: (05)234-9777

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3. 中正大學致遠樓(Chung Cheng Zhiyuan)

07_Tunghai Alumni House-107_Tunghai Alumni House-2

Address: 嘉義縣民雄鄉大學路168號

Suggested room and rate: NTD 1,000~2,000 /Day
Room Types & Rates (NTD)
丙式客房 單床二張 (12間) $1,000/Day
乙式客房 單床二張 (6間) $1,500/Day
乙式客房 雙人大床一張 (6間) $1,500/Day
貴賓客房 雙人大床二張 (4間) $2,000/Day
活動中心客房 單床三張 (12間,若住2人收費1000元) $1,200/Day

Reservation Direct Line:+886-5-272-0411#13207

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4. 湯野精品旅館(Tang Ye Motel)

07_Tunghai Alumni House-107_Tunghai Alumni House-2

Address: 嘉義縣民雄鄉建國路一段20號
Tel: +886-5-226-1122

Suggested room and rate: NTD 1,860~2,208 /Day
Room Types & Rates (NTD)
水星 雙人一大床( Room-Single) NT$ 2,208 /Day
土星 雙人一大床( Room-Single) NT$ 2,208 /Day
冥王星 雙人一大床( Room-Single) NT$ 2,208 /Day
火星 雙人一大床( Room-Single) NT$ 2,808 /Day
金星 雙人一大床( Room-Single) NT$ 2,808 /Day
土象星座 雙人一大床( Room-Single) NT$ 1,860 /Day
風象星座 雙人一大床( Room-Single) NT$ 1,860 /Day
火象星座 雙人一大床( Room-Single) NT$ 1,860 /Day
水象星座 雙人一大床( Room-Single) NT$ 1,860 /Day

Reservation Direct Line:+886-5-226-1122

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5. 皇爵大飯店(Chiayi King Hotel)

07_Tunghai Alumni House-107_Tunghai Alumni House-2

Address: 600嘉義市西區新榮路234號
Tel: +886-5-223-3411

Suggested room and rate: NTD 1,800~2,400 /Day
Room Types & Rates (NTD)
豪華商務房( Room-Single) NT$ 2,400 /Day
標準商務房( Room-Single) NT$ 1,800 /Day
精緻雙人房( Room-Single) NT$ 2,200 /Day

Reservation Direct Line:+886-5-223-3411
E-mail Address:

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