1. Workshop on Algorithms, Bioinformatics, and Computation Theory
  2. Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Nature-Inspired Computing
  3. Workshop on Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, VLSI/EDA, and Applications
  4. Workshop on Computer Networks, Web Service/Technologies, and Software Defined Networking
  5. Workshop on Cryptography and Information Security
  6. Workshop on Database, Data Mining, Bigdata, and Information Retrieval
  7. Workshop on Image Processing, Computer Graphics, and Multimedia Technologies
  8. Workshop on Information Literacy, e-Learning, and Social Media
  9. Workshop on Mobile Computing, Wireless Communications, and Vehicular TechnologiesChairs
  10. Workshop on High-performance Computing, Parallel Processing, Distributed Computing, and Cloud Computing
  11. Workshop on Software Engineering and Programming Languages
  12. Workshop on Cyber-physical System, Smart City, E-health, and Internet of Things (IoT)
  13. Workshop on Green Systems and Applications over Next Generation Network
  14. Workshop on Wearable Computing for Smart Services

International Computer Symposium,2016

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